If you’re reading this, it means you’ve found my blog….yay! First of all, hi. My name is Jasmine, a teenage blogger from the UK and the owner of It’s Simply Me, Jasmine. 

It’s Simply Me, Jasmine is centred around, well, me! I write about my life experiences, the ups and downs, as well as things that are prominent in my life such as reading, veganism, music, photography, friends and family. 

It’s Simply Me is a way for me to express myself, a way for me to be simply me! I pride myself on this little corner of the internet I own and sharing it with others such as you makes it an even better experience for me! 

So yeah, expect all sorts from this blog. I hope you stick around come to like it!



Just in case you have any questions…

When do you post?

Twice a week! Tuesday and Friday unless stated otherwise 🙂 

Are you open to collabs?

Yes for sure! Visit my contact page or head over to my Twitter and leave a message if you’d like to collaborate.



Jasmine xxx